LogMeIn Rescue “The Innovative And Effective Android App”

As innovation and development rapidly growing around us, there are hundreds of apps that are being launched on Android and ios markets every day. Apps, as you know, are just another piece of software and a few bugs always tend to affect one or the other function and thus causing problems for users. Software companies try their very best to dissolve as much as bugs and problems possible by coming up with regular updates alongside back-end code and security improvements. Yet somehow there always remains something that causes problems for certain users and that’s why companies have to put extra effort to support the users via customer care, yes the good people on the support team manage to solve your problems but they themselves have to go through a lot in understanding your problem.

Why choose LogMeIn Rescue?

If you have ever noticed any company’s troubleshooting procedure you will see it has a very common and general flow, there are some steps that you are always asked to follow like restarting your phone re-installing the app, etc. This is because it is a very difficult task for any company’s tech team to understand the exact problem by not being able to look at it, at these exact moment apps and software like LogMeIn Rescue, TeamViewer comes in handy.

LogMeIn Rescue, TeamViewer, and other mobile screen sharing apps turn out to be lifesavers for all sorts of industries, these apps save millions of dollars as they provide virtual control over the customers laptop or mobile screen and thus allowing the representatives to see what the problem is without sending a technician on-site and bundling up fuel, visit and service cost. If you have ever suffered any technical difficulties on your device, called up the customer care they might have asked you to download their personal screen sharing software or any third party software, which allows them to have partial access to your screen and thus follow up with the problem and bring out a proper solution to it.

How to register and connect/share with the help of LogMeIn Rescue?

Step 1: To install LogMeIn Rescue all you have to do is just sign up or sign in a Google plus account and then simply install the exotic LogMeIn Rescue App.

Step 2: The procedure is quite simple; the customer care representative asks you to install the software and run it. After a successful launch, you are generally asked for a PIN that connects the two devices.

Step 3: The PIN is generated on the first user’s end, which in this case would be the representative, after entering the PIN the customer care representative has your device’s screen virtually on his device in short, they can use your device.

Step 4: Generally they will ask you to go to your command prompt and enter a series of codes which might help you sort out your problem and this happens in most of the cases. The command prompt is basically the key to solving out your problems.

Step 5: You can also see what they are actually doing in the process as you have the same thing going on over your screen.

Now let’s dig into the software LogMeIn Rescue, by the end of this article you will have an in-depth knowledge of the services provided by the software, functions that can be performed, how to install the app on your mobile device and a few more things.

What happens after connecting at both ends?

The software allows companies to connect and provide on the spot support on all sorts of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, ios, blackberry, etc. The apps, remote control software gives you an extra edge and adds the features of whiteboards, troubleshooting, APN push, system diagnostics etc. which can be performed over quick connections.

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LogMeIn Rescue is a software that allows you to tentatively get access to any device on the world by running the software on both devices, it has a huge user base and companies like HTC, HP, arise etc. use it to solve out their customers’ problems. Many multi-national companies use this particular app to provide customer support and you can use it too, even if you have a small scale work.

What are the top benefits that you will get after connecting with LogMeIn Rescue

1. Multi-Platform Support:

The software’s quick connection ability allows you to solve a user’s problem with the request and thus keep the customer more satisfied and aware of such extremely easy-to-use software. Rescue’s wide and open connectivity allows you to make secure connections over a number of PC’s, smartphones, tablet, and even some other applications. Support technicians have the power within their grasp to swiftly associate and provide support to the customer with more options and controls.

2. Click2Fix Feature

The Click2Fix feature is something that handles smart problem solving by alerting the agents about small problems and providing instantaneous solutions for them. This feature also allows agents to diagnose problems within their user panel and thus allow them to have a deep-rooted description of the ongoing problem, the small inbuilt functions enable them to rectify problems just by clicking a button.

A list of these features is mentioned below:

  1. Battery optimization: Just a click will enable settings that will help improve the battery life of the device.
  2. APN PUSH: Preset APNs can be pushed just by one click.
  3. Connections: A toggle button allows the agent to see the total number of connected devices, Bluetooth, USB etc.
  4. Remote Control/View: This is the most important feature as it allows one to record or view the user’s screen, give him directions, instructions using laser pointers or whiteboards and more.
  5. Alert: This application bar shows you alerts related to battery, software, hardware or firmware.

3. Rescue lens:

As the name suggests rescue lens is a super productive function added within the software that brings smart and intellectual problem solving within the support team’s reach. If you would be using general screen sharing software you could only provide support for inbuilt apps or problems going on within that particular device. But this innovative idea gets the better of us as it facilitates you to have a video, descriptive call alongside a whiteboard to provide proper instructions. The feature empowers the Customer support team to look into any hardware problem on any device anywhere around the world, even if the device is not web-enabled.

Actually, this lens mainly does is that it allows tech teams to see a quick video of your device that has a problem and also in the real-time video the whiteboard feature help them to give you instructions by annotating on the screen, consider the image given below, a user is holding his camera towards the back of a device’s panel and the technician on the other end is able to give him instructions using markers, the red circle is drawn by the support guy. The Rescue lens along with the cool name allows you to even save the video recordings, add them to any ticket to be used later.

4. In-App Support:

Customer support is something that provides a company to build up a superior reputation, a good adaptation and CRM team can do wonders for you. We often see that some websites, apps do not have enough instructions or help facilities and we have to go through the FAQ’s, call up to them or drop an email in order to solve out a thing. But being a utility software Rescue allows a company to create in-app help and support using LogMeIn’s SDK.

This is the best way to that you can easily keep your customers more satisfied as you provide them with more details under a click, allow a direct end-to-end chat and access diagnostics better than ever. You can download the SDK from the company’s website they also have a detailed step by step guide that will help you put up the required features.

5. Rescue Security:

Of course, every user sharing a screen with a person whom they don’t even know would want that they have a control over what the person could see and as well as no information is being taken away without their permission. The rescue’s app development team has worked well in this field, creating options for the customer to have better control of their device.

If you are to set up a remote sharing screen you are the one who gets to decide what utilities the agent can use, namely remote control, file transfer, APN push, desktop view, etc. The customer has complete control even during the screen sharing process and if you want, you can terminate your session in the middle of a process (not that we would recommend doing it), once your session is terminated whether by force or upon process completion, all traces of your device are automatically cleared at the agents end.


With an extremely easy-to-use interface, this software is a gift for technicians, making the customer experience exceptional support in any sort of problem. Not only about the ultimate support right at your device screen, but LogMeIn Rescue also offers you worldwide connectivity and once you run the app you will get connected to the other device in less than 20 seconds and to top it all the app’s uptime is 99.99%. Also, stay tuned to Techno Rumble for more such informative and engaging posts.


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