Sites Like 123Movies |Top 10 Sites Like 123Movies To Stream Movies Online

The craze for cinema is huge both among young and old alike. And watching it for free online is what makes it all worth it. Sites like 123Movies are really great for watching and streaming movies and TV shows online. There are so many varieties of websites to help you with free movies and shows. Some of these are listed as under:

Sites Like 123Movies |Top 10 Sites Like 123Movies To Stream Movies Online

1. PutLocker


Putlocker is the best sites like 123Movies especially for those who are always in search of latest movies online and prefer to stream them online itself. It is a film streaming site and it is quite fast and people find it easy to watch online because of its picture clarity and dimensions. Movies can be watched even without signing up and it becomes easy to search for movies because of its arrangement in chronological order. You can watch all movies released recently and enjoy it to your utmost best.

2. TV Rush

There are TV addicts who cannot miss their favorite TV episodes for just even one day. TV Rush is made exclusively for them. The search box is big enough to type the enter the entire name of a TV episode that you are looking for. It is a user face which is simple and the list of TV shows are too long because of which sometimes one loses its patience to search for it. There is a problem with this website is that once you click on a show, you are redirected to so many other web pages which makes the process slow.

3. Megashare

Every movie lover has visited this website at least once to search for their favorite movies. Megashare is really a great similar website like 123Movies because it is quite an organized website and you can find your movies in many different languages. You are given an option to sign up for this website but it all depends whether you want it or not. You can find movies in all genres ranging from romantic, horror, thriller and also cartoons. The website is designed in a simple manner and people find it user-friendly.

4. PlayBox HD

This platform is an easy one to use and it is available both in Android and Apple. Name and movie and you are sure to find it in this particular platform. The best part of this website is that you can download a certain movie and watch it later offline. So, you are in need of Internet only for the time of downloading the movie. Subtitles are provided with the movies which make it easy for non-English speakers to use this website.

5. Prime Wire

Prime Wire requests its users to sign up before getting an access to the movies and shows. Every new movie is published here as it gets updated daily. Downloading a movie would require another software but the process is not that hard. All the videos are available in HD quality making it one of the most viewed sites like 123Movies.


This is one of the best online streaming websites where you will not be disturbed by any unwanted ads and you can only enjoy your movie. There is a filter option available which helps you to choose your favorite genre. You will find movies in many different languages and the picture quality is excellent.

7. Crackle

Crackle is another great website like 123Movies that let you watch movies online without any kind of registration. This website is a fast one and you will not be bored by any kind of advertisements or pop-ups. It offers one with full movies and the best part is that you can always get a notification when a new movie is updated. That way you are always in touch with the world of movies. Apart from movies, you can also enjoy TV shows.

8. MovieTube

Many have loved MovieTube as it is ad-free and you can view both movies and TV shows on the same platform. The website is user-friendly and it has genres from Horror, action to adventure and comedy. Type the name of your movie in the name box and you do not have to take a look at the entire list of movies.

9. Movies Prime

Movies Prime is really a great website for such a person who is a crazy Hollywood Buff. It is free of cost and the user’s face is quite stylish. In this sites like 123Movies you only need to click on the movie you want and start streaming on your laptop or tablet. The “Only available to stream” is helpful as you don’t have to go through the entire list of movies.

10. My Download Tube

If you want to watch high-quality movies, this website is by far the best one. This website is totally free and it does not require any kind of registration. You can download the movie and watch it later.

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123Movies is no doubt a great website to watch and stream movies online. However, sometimes you don’t find your desired movies there. In that case, you can look into these some of the best sites like 123Movies and can select the best that fits your needs and gives you best and utmost experience.

Here we have covered the best sites like 123Movies. Each of these websites has their pros and cons. You can check them all and can easily distinguish from best to least. So, these are some of the top 10 websites like 123Movies for watching and downloading free movies online! Go ahead and try them out for a better experience.



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