Sites Like ThredUp | Top 10 Used Clothing Sites Like ThredUp

ThredUp is a popular website for buying and selling used clothes. Overall, ThredUp is a great website to deal with your clothing business. You can select ThredUp For men or women to buy/sell used clothes. However, if you are not satisfied with the quality of clothes they offer or just not getting the desired price for your used clothes. Then there are many sites like ThredUp which you can look for.

Nowadays, selling your used clothes is easier than ever before. There are many wonderful websites that will help you to sell your old treasure. Each of these sites is different and offers a different type of price for used clothes. You can check and select the one best that fits your criteria and demand. So, here is a list of top 10 sites like ThredUp that can fulfill your second-hand buy and sell clothing needs.

Sites Like ThredUp | Top 10 Used Clothing Sites

1. Material World

Material World is no doubt one of the best popular sites like ThredUp that works on gift card system. Yes, right you have to select the item you wish to sell by using their pricing estimator. They will send you an instant quote, just fill out the form and receive an electronic gift card.

2. Poshmark

Poshmark is not just for selling and buying your clothes. In addition to this, you can also plan for online shopping parties with your friends and family members. Just sell them an item you want and receive an instant payment. Remember they will deduct a 20% commision from total sale.

3. The Real Real

Whenever it comes to the best online luxury resale store then TheRealReal is the best website to choose from. You have to just follow their simple guidelines to buy/sell the products. TheRealReal is a well-known store for offering its used products in a great condition.

4. Refashioner

At Refashioner always feel free to buy and even sell your clothes. You have to just create your customized closed set and then upload photos of your product and sell it. In addition to this, you can also swap or exchange clothes with the other users by just following Refashioner simple guidelines.

5. Tradesy

If you are in a hurry or just shifting to another place. Then, Tradesy is no doubt one of the best sites like ThredUp. It will only take 60 seconds time to list your clothes for sale on Tradesy.

6. Ebay

You may be well familiar with eBay. It is an old popular website for buying and selling anything, not just clothes. At the present time, eBay is the leading website in the buy/sell used products at a great budgetary price.

7. VarageSale

After these many great used clothing sites like ThredUp, the next great platform to buy/sell your used clothes is VarageSale. Actually, VarageSale is a mobile company that is making great efforts for making a good peering experience for buying and selling.

8. Mercari

Mercari is another great app that allows you to sell your products by just uploading pictures of your used products like clothes, shoes and as well as many other accessories. The main attractive advantage you get at Mercari is that you can choose your desired price for the product that you might want to sell.

9. ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace is a huge marketplace for buy/sell used clothes. To sell a product just put it on the ASOS Marketplace and sell it. ASOS will only take 10% commision on the sale price of the product that is quite less as compared to other sites like thredUp.

10. SnobSwap

The ultimate benefit you get on SnobSwap is its swap feature. Here you are not just limited to buying and selling you can also swap or exchange your products with the other user. That makes SnobSwap a great alternative for sites like ThredUp.

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Final Verdict

ThredUp for men and women is no doubt a great website to buy and sell used clothes. But above-mentioned sites like ThredUp are really great both in their offers and features. Each of these websites has their own pros and cons. You can check them according to your needs and select the best that fits your criteria.

Overall, all these sites like ThredUp are great to fulfill your buy/sell business needs with an easy to follow buying and selling simple guidelines.

So, here we have covered all the major and popular sites like ThredUp. You can for sure give these stores a try and can grab the amazing benefits that are offered by these sites like ThredUp. Stay tuned to Techno Rumble for more such informative posts.

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