Sites Like Worldstar | Top 20 Sites Like Worldstarhiphop (Updated)

Worldstarhiphop is one of the most popular websites that let you entertained by the latest entertainment-related news and videos. It is home to everything from entertainment to hip hop. The craze for hip-hop sites like Worldstar is always on trending as these sites shares some of the coolest stuff all around the web.

There is no doubt that Worldstar is one of the best hip-hop entertainment and news websites but there is no guarantee that you will find your desired content. That is why you are looking for sites like Worldstar or Worldstar alternatives. Here we will provide you with top sites like Worldstar that will definitely fulfill your desire for daily entertainment needs.

Top 20 Sites Like Worldstar 

There are plenty of websites like Worldstar and we have picked out the best ones for you. Here are the Top 20 Sites like Worldstar:

1. AllHipHop

sites like worldstar

AllHipHop is no doubt one of the best sites like Worldstar. It is the best alternative to Worldstarhiphop for the hip-hop content. This website contains almost every related think of Hip-hop news, lifestyle, gossip, music and as well as here you can also share your personal opinions.

2. Sohh

sites like worldstar

Sohh is another a great alternative to websites like Worldstar that focuses and supports online hip-hop. It is a top news hip-hop news website that is rated #1 for all hip-hop related contents. This is one of the most popular websites with daily 1.5 million unique visitors a month.


sites like worldstar

If you are looking for bottle leg videos then Boobootv is the best alternative to Worldstarhiphop. Here you will find some realistic and original videos that are focused on real happenings. Boobootv is a great alternative to sites like Worldstarhiphop if you are a TV enthusiast.

4. Xxlmag

sites like worldstar

Xxlmage is one of the best sites like Worlstarhiphop that mainly focuses on providing cool information and updates that are related to hip-hop artists. It has a good framework that is more look like a blog. Here you will get always updated to the daily hip-hop artists talks and opinions.

5. Realniggashit

sites like worldstar

If you are looking for hip-hop to fashion content or news to sports fun then Realniggashit is one of the cool websites that you can choose from. IT is no doubt best alternative to Worldstar for the daily dose of nasty content.

6. Everyoneloveshiphop

sites like worldstar

As the name of the Everyoneloveshiphop suggests, it is one of the best websites that let you updated to the world’s daily hip-hop news. Here you can watch hot new videos and can listen to the track on the daily basis.

7. Vladtv

sites like worldstar

If you are searching for a Worldstar alternative for the purpose of urban news, videos and latest interviews then Vladtv is the best website to choose from. VladTV is actually a worldwide leader in breaking news and all exclusive interviews.

8. Poppinmedia

sites like worldstar

Poppinmedia is one of the best websites that get you updated with funny videos and as well as with pop music. It is an all in one place for hip-hop artist news and videos as well as the latest hits that are coming up in the market. It is really a great website if you are looking for a classic plus hip-hop style music.

9. Undergroundhiphop

sites like worldstar

Undergroundhiphop is from one of those websites that provide you with music from the underground world, in other words, it also lets you listen and watch the restricted music. Here you can easily watch hip-hop artists music and videos.

10. Hiphopdx

sites like worldstar

This website is completely focused on streaming hip-hop music and videos. Here you can also review and get all the latest updates related to your favorite artists.

11. YouTube

sites like worldstar

Youtube is also one of the great similar websites like Worldstar. It allows a user to listen and watch their favorite music videos for free. Users can also view and share videos with their friends and family members. The popularity of YouTube is no doubt extreme and at the present time, it is the number one website to view online videos for free.

12. Bitch Your Famous

sites like worldstar

Bitch Your Famous is another great peer to peer music sharing platform with its unique user interface. The main mission of this Worldstar alternative is to provide people with a platform to give a free speech. It is easy to use and free to listen to any kind of music you want. In addition to this, you can also share the music you like to your friends and family members.

13. Dtube

sites like worldstar

Dtube is not only one of the best popular similar sites like Worldstar but also the first crypto decentralized video and audio platform. It is precisely built top on the IPFS and Steemit. Without a doubt, you will surely enjoy its unique platform where you can view any types of interesting videos for free.

14. VidLii

sites like worldstar

VidLii is kind of an old version of YouTube. It has the 2009 type looking pages and 2008 header which makes it an old to look website. But however, it is a way better than many other sites like Worldstar. It is because it doesn’t lack the customization and community issues as YouTube do.

15. Linkuptv

sites like worldstar

Linkuptv is another great music listening and sharing platform that is just similar to other sites like Worldstar. This great Worldstar alternative also lets you post and share videos as much as you want. It greatly emphasis on the top trending music that is popular around the globe.

16. Xfinity Video

sites like worldstar

Xfinity Video is another great and also one of the popular sites like Worldstar. Here you can easily listen to your favorite hip-hop music plus you can also get updated to news, online TV, sports etc. In addition to this Xfinity Video also offers a dashboard where can find its attractive services.

17. DatPiff

sites like worldstar

DatPiff is actually an online distribution platform which was launched in 2005. Here you can easily listen to your favorite music as well as can also check out that what’s how now. You will really enjoy the great music plus hot services offered by this another great Worldstarhiphop alternative.

18. Dailymotion

sites like worldstar

Dailymotion has no doubt gained a great popularity in these recent years. It is a great trusted platform which is used by more than 300 million users. So, without a doubt in this another great similar site like Worldstar you can really enjoy listening to music plus watching videos online.

19. Metacafe

sites like worldstar

Metacafe is not only popular for video content but also for music. In its music section tab, you can listen to your favorite music and as well as the latest trending music around the world. The great quality service and reliability are what makes Metacafe great similar sites like Worldstarhiphop.

20. Liveleak

Sites Like Worldstar

Liveleak is a popular website that lets you listen to music and watch all the gross content that you can’t easily watch anywhere else. With a simple to use interface and popularity, Liveleak is no doubt a highly popular and trusted platform around the internet. Just open the website and watch what you like most

So, here is my list of top 20 sites like Worldstar. You can easily check any website that catches your interest.

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Worlstarhiphop is no doubt one of the best website to get updated to the entertainment industry. However, sometimes you may not find your desired entertainment content on there or maybe simply you want to experiment with other sites like Worldstar. In this case, you can easily look into the Worldstar alternatives provided by us.

Here, we covered the best sites like Worldstar in this post, each of the websites has its own pros and cons. You can easily check them according to your needs and can select the best website like Worldstar that you like the most. Stay tuned to Techno Rumble for more such informative posts.


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