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Education was not so that easier and more fun before. A platform like Textsheet has made it quite approachable. It hardly needs a few minutes of yours to get a perfect help for homework and assignments. The platform provides absolute solutions for the students of school and colleges and that too absolutely for free.  After facing out DMCA notice from Chegg it is no longer being available. The reason behind the legal action was not the involvement of legal content over there. If you have got tensed at this moment due to the sudden shutting of such a wonderful educational platform, just keep your worries aside as we are here going to meet you with one of the finest Textsheet Alternative.

Top 5 Best Working Textsheet Alternative Now


Coming up with the very first name in the list, Sladder is a wonderful platform where you can get perfect solutions for your homework and assignments for completely free. It is surely one of the largest platforms specially designed for the US high school students and the number is consistently rising. Right from solutions to the Q&A section for all subjects, we can get different question papers here as well. The best thing about this wonderful platform is that it is consistently updating.

Over the years, the platform has been improved a lot and is not providing solutions for the college level students as well. It is an independent platform that is currently being used by millions of students and teachers worldwide. There is surely no limit over the questions from different segments such as Mathematics, Science, Law, Finance, Physics, Chemistry and much more. Level of compatibility and functionality are at the higher end here and the app can be effortlessly used on both android and iOS devices that’s why it is a recommended textsheet alternative.


It is another bigger name in the list of Textsheet Alternatives that is specifically being designed under keeping the needs of students from different parts of the world under consideration. It is a wonderful platform where students can easily enjoy a huge database to search and study. Just make sure you are having a perfectly running internet connection and hand to run this app smoothly. Providing users step by step textbook solutions to help them for competitive examinations there is much more one can enjoy here.

The best thing about this platform is the 24*7 availability. If you are not comfortable at buying books or eTextbooks at this moment just get relaxed. You can buy and rent books here at a massive discount of about 90%. Moreover, if you are interested in selling out of your older books, you can do here as well. Just enter the ISBN code of your book here and you can get the instant quote in just a few seconds. Chegg is currently working as a great space that has brought up students and teachers altogether.


If affordability is your priority you are looking forward to a great Textsheet Alternative. Studylib would surely be the best option you could continue with. Being designed to help out millions of students worldwide, the platform provides a perfect station where you can easily get solved assignments and homework solutions without making many efforts. The database is included in the app is quite large and one can easily search and get what they want. Right from getting solutions about subjects like Mathematics and Business you can know in deep facts about science, social science and much more.

Moreover, if you are looking forward to achieving something extra in your life, you can take the help of this tool for your competitive exams as well. The best thing about this wonderful platform is that it offers users the freedom of sharing files as well. You can take the help of this tool not for your personal studies only but can help out several other ones as well just by providing them papers and other documents from your collection as well. It is free to use a platform that will surely add something more to your studies hub.

Course Hero

Course Hero is the real hero of this section and of course is going to serve as a great alternative to Textsheet also. Being used by millions of users worldwide it is a platform that is going to help you a lot in your studies and competitive exams a lot. The platform is consistently growing and till have got the support of millions of students and teachers globally.

The best thing about this wonderful platform where you can get the perfect solutions for your different subjects for absolutely free. The tool comes up with a very huge database that offers help to the students of both high school and college-going as well. The best thing about this wonderful tool is that if you are having some personal study material in hand you can also share it with your friends here. Right from getting solutions to your queries through study guides, to video or class notes, there is much more you are going to get on here.


It is another wonderful platform in the list that is going to provide a greater resource to get a solution for various subjects such as English literature, mathematics, Hindi, science, and much more. One of the best things about this wonderful platform is the simplicity of studying it is offering the students to. It gets sometimes quite complicated to crack down those hardcore words during studies. But all thanks to SparkNotes, which have made everything much simpler for us. You can easily get tuition here from the best tutors through various modes. Not only the platform provides helps for your main course studies only but it also helps you in preparing for the competitive examinations as well. You can take part in various quizzes and can extract step by step study guides to solve out your queries also.

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So, Guys! It is all about some of the finest Textsheet alternative. We very well understand your needs and hence tries to provide you with the perfect alternatives being used by millions of professionals over there. If you need help in your studies, you don’t need to go out for a tutor to get the perfect solution, the above platforms will help you in extracting the perfect solutions out there. Please stay tuned to Techno Rumble for more such engaging posts.


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